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done for the night. >_<

a few notes on this one, the main one being if you repost these anywhere, please credit. usually i don't care as long as people don't claim my work as their own or take my watermark off, but this is one of those things that required a LOT of work. this pamphlet is huge. i mean, srsly, it's bigger than my macbook pro. meaning that in order to get a full page scan i have to scan the top of the page, then the bottom, then stitch the images together in photoshop before i can even start my normal cleaning and color fixing process. also, the files are huge to start out with (scanned in at 400 dpi, then resized to a little over 1/3 the original size to upload), so each full page takes about 15-20 minutes apiece.

this pamphlet is 80 pages long. you do the math.

that being said, don't expect the next sections to be posted as fast as i usually do. they will be up eventually. there's a few pages coming up that i'm dying to make wallpapers out of. comments also make good motivation. ^_~

w-inds. live 2008 seventh ave. tour pamphlet
part one
part two
part three
part four

happy christmas (barely!) ♥
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