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re: previous post
got an email from one of the people from the site. replied. waiting to hear back. :/

on a happier (but related) note. that batch of magazine pages i got and have been going through? they weren't all labelled. *cries* luckily, there's nowhere near the amount of unknown things as i have for w-inds., and there's only one that i don't know what magazine it's from. *shock and amazement*

so... help?

unknown one ok rock magazine archive~
last update 2009.05.28

completely unknown #1

b-pass #1

b-pass #2 (2008.02?)

cd data #1

cutie #1

hmv #1

smart #1

smart #2

smart #3

smart #4

what's in #1

what's in #2

what's in #3

what's in #4

what's in #5

it should be fairly obvious about when they were all from, i just can't place the exact issue. any info would be greatly appreciated. ♥
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