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i love getting mail! especially when it's shiny, really shiny, and sheer insanity!

i scanned the really shiny, f'list gets first dibs cause i'm too lazy to post it to other places at the moment. that, and i have to wonder if constantly spamming dbsg with old stuff is getting annoying. i dunno, is it? i'm used to being the only one in a fandom that ever scans anything (on a regular basis, at least). >>;; it's odd being part of a larger fandom where other people actually share stuff and i don't have to resort to trawling through websites in languages i don't understand in the slightest. *shrugs* ah, well.

have some hot boys in suits. ^^b

tvxq 2007 pocket calendar
or view gallery here
19 pics, all 1050x1500(ish)
Tags: scanspam, tvxq
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