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ok, us customs. we need to have a talk. you've had our necklaces and my oor stuff for three days. deliver them already, jeez! at this rate i'll have my yesasia stuff first. -_-

on a less complain-y note, i finally got the very last issue of newsmaker. and all of my boys are in it. *_______* newsmaker, i miss you. even though the artists are always photoshopped like mad, i love the layout itself, the themes and fonts, the high quality paper (even if it is too big to scan easily), the gorgeous photoshoots.

i haven't scanned the one ok rock bits because i've got clippings of them in the package that's sitting in customs. they'll be up on &tc. later. :x these will be up on s*l and s&e with the next update, just wanted to share them with y'all first. ♥

'cause goddamn ryu and ryo are fine.

newsmaker 2008.02
tvxq (7)
w-inds. (13+cover)

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