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2010 February 21 • 03.02 - keita why are you trying to look like rain?
dhgfdj so late. i've had this dvd since monday and haven't posted the scans. oops.

the dvd was better than i expected, even though there was a crazy keita bias in the actual live. ryohei seemed to get more screen time than ryuichi but the document totally makes up for that like whoa. pretty much the whole document is ryuichi in various stages of undress and/or dampness.

i am totally okay with that. :D

w-inds. live tour 2009 sweet fantasy in hong kong
download scans | 22 images
preview pic is a 1920x1200 wp

these won't be up on super☆lover until i finish the site revamp which is taking longer than i expected it to because i keep changing my mind. mp3 audio rips will also be up soon, and possibly videos.
keita ][ !
2010 February 03 • 19.02 - trax | 가슴이 차가운 남자

trax • 가슴이 차가운 남자
mp3 dl | scans dl | scans gallery

got my copy of this in today and have ripped/scanned it as usual. i'm... a little disappointed in this mini-album, to be quite honest. i mean, it's good, but it's very power ballad-y and i miss trax's harder rock stuff. that being said, i really hope this does well so that maybe we can get a full length album with actual rock music on it.

enjoy! :D
kry/trax ][ we are... super trax!
2009 December 17 • 16.12 - 花よりジェジュン〜
scanner came in! much faster and no wonky lines, but there's an appalling amount of dust inside the damn thing, but it's gotten to where any consumer model scanner has the same flaws. *sigh* so far the trade off's worth it. and the first thing i did? that gorgeous issue of frau with jaejoong and yoochun. *____*

frau 2009.11
jaejoong & yoochun | 9 images
download zip

the rest~Collapse )

i also did a couple of quick wallpapers with the pages i pieced together here at work. they're all 1920x1200 but there's no text so they should auto resize fine.

here~Collapse )

and a big happy birthday to three of my favourite boys: junsu, keita, and ryuichi ♥♥♥

now if i could just get my hands on a copy of the november pati pati... T_T
jaejoong ][ russian roulette
2009 September 08 • 21.09
two for one special this time, y'all. :D

hq cd scans & 320 mp3 rips
i can teach you but i have to chargeCollapse )

random notes:
• i have had a handful of songs from this on loop for a week and a half. omg. i freaking love these boys live.
• hey! will make those that actually remember the 80's and early 90's lol.
• the remixes of hug and the way you are make me bounce in my seat like mad. and you can tell exactly when they all grope min. ^_~
• yoochun and jae's solo's are beyond keysmashy. min's solo leads me to believe he will soon be taking over the world with xiahnism. junsu needs to choose what english songs he rips lyrics off of better next go around. and yunho. oh yunho. ilu. *gigglefit*
• crazy love and hahaha are deliriously bouncy fun. listened to this in the car for the first time on the way to portland and think i nearly deafened my copilot when i realized they were doing the japanese versions.
• tonight. ohfuckjaejoong. *melts*
• i totally realize this has been out for a little while but idc.
changmin/yoochun ][ wrong number
2009 September 06 • 19.09
part two of the tvxq shop photo spam! these are all 2008 and before, and mostly min and yoochun. my bias, it shows. >D

download zip (both batches)

more molesting of min, yay!Collapse )
kyuhyun/mi ][ Q_________________Q
2009 September 06 • 03.09
i love it when my friends go to japan and bring back lots of shiny. many ♥s to twinnie and elise_maxwell for supplying me with more crack to scan. the handful of w-inds. ones will be up on s*l once i finish the pamphlet which will require me to stop laughing at ryuichi long enough to clean up the scans.

also, i'll be doing the rest of the tvxq shop photos i picked up the last time i went myself and never bothered to scan tomorrow. now, to figure out how to categorize them all on s&e. *ponders*

oh, and there's jk in here. ♥x2543252315 to elise for going back to the shops on her last day to pick it up for me. :3

they really really really love min. a little too much for onstage, methinks.Collapse )

and in case you were wondering, the jae bias is totally elise's. not that i mind. much.

*uses yunho icon to balance things out a tiny bit*
yunho ][ sing your heart out
2009 August 22 • 00.08
i got my copy of aadbsk3 in today and decided to go ahead and scan it before i glue myself to my tv to watch as much as i can before i fall asleep. includes the cases, disc covers, and the complete photobook that comes with the limited edition.

all about 東方神起 season 3

67 images, all hq
view gallery | download zip

here, have a bonus pic, because twinnie is made of awesome and finds amazing things at idol shops.

yoochun ][ laugh your heart away
2009 July 02 • 00.07
random note to any seattle area tvxq fans: kino has a bunch of random old issues of arena 37c and arena special featuring tvxq available, like 2006-2007 era. *eyes growing pile of stuff on desk* :D

obviously, we went shopping today. stand by u, both versions. have cards, will trade! my group for your jaejoong, my yunho for your changmin or yoochun or junsu. XD;

tvxq - stand by u
versions a & b
with group and yunho cards
view gallery
download zip
[edit 8/20 - updated zip to include dome ver. and jae/chun cards]

id3 tag size~Collapse )
changmin/yoochun ][ wrong number
2009 June 14 • 04.06

well. that took a few hours longer than i expected it to.

many many thanks to readyforever for the magazine. enjoy, hon. ♥

singles 2009.01: tvxq off stage special
33 images | gallery | download zip

rules, short version: don't claim as your own, don't take my watermark off unless you're using images for graphics, don't add credits. :/

comments are snuggled and petted. :3
keita/ryuichi ][ scarfbondage is message
2009 May 25 • 15.05
went ahead and splurged for the airmail copy instead of waiting for the regular one. ^^

junon 2009.07

love the ryuryo shots~Collapse )
tomoya ][ save the drums: bang a drummer
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