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wishlist! (work in progress)

if you have any of the following goods or see them anywhere (y!j, ebay, &tc) i would be more than happy to make an offer up to and including children and/or souls, depending on what it is. higher priority items marked with *.

single - everyday/can't get back (cd only, 1st press)
live 2003 soa postcard set
live 2003 soa # tshirt (either color, med)
live 2004 fc stamp sets (a/b)
live 2006 thanks tour flag (sendai)
live 2006 thanks tour limited digipri (full set)
live 2007 fc event limited digipri (missing pics)
* live 2009 fan club event pamphlet
live 2009 fc event photo sets
live 2009 sweet fantasy photo sets
* live 2010 fc event pamphlet
live 2010 fc event photo sets
live 2010 fc event catalogue
* live 2010 another world pamphlet
live 2010 another world photo sets
calendar - 2002
calendar - 2010
*^∞ staff t-shirt, any tour (especially the journey 'apple' one, or pol/ageha)   <---see above offer of soul

want to trade:
seventh ave (reg ed) - will trade my keita for your ryuichi or group

i am looking for the missing 1st press cards from the following. i'd prefer to just borrow, scan, and return, but will consider trading or buying them, especially if it's for ryuichi. only the japanese version, please.

forever memories - ryohei, ryuichi
feel the fate - group, keita
paradox - ryohei, ryuichi
new paradise - keita
super lover - group, keita, ryuichi
pieces - ryohei, keita
yume no basho e - ryuichi
boogie woogie 66 - group, ryohei, keita
hanamuke - group, ryohei
love is the greatest thing - ryohei
ame ato - ryohei, keita

system of alive - group, ryuichi
prime of life - group, keita, ryuichi
bestracks - group, ryohei
seventh ave. - group, ryohei, ryuichi

private of w-inds. (did the 1st have a postcard for this?)
live 2002 '1st message'
live 2003 'the system of alive'


one ok rock - any! (esp. keep it real or etcetera)
tvxq - aadbsk2 individual set

arashi - hadashi no mirai/kotoba yori taisetsuna mono (limited edition)
arashi - one (limited edition w/dvd)
*** one ok rock - kanjou effect tour special cd
**** - one ok rock - around the world shounen (radio cd, not released)

jyj - live in tokyo dome
super junior - premium live in japan (1st press) [ordered?]
tvxq - all about dbsk 1 box set
bones - seasons 2-5
house - seasons 1,3-5
* merlin - season 1-3 (uk version)
stargate sg-1 seasons 2-5,7-8 (individual)
star wars - original trilogy (widescreen)
supernatural - season 4-5

* tvxq - bora bora
tvxq - prince in prague
* one ok rock - band scores (zeitakubyou, beam of light, kanjou effect)
kevin smith - my boring ass life
user friendly 10th anniversary book

arena 37c 2002.10
arena 37c special 2004.12 (v.20)
arena 37c special 2007.09
b-pass 2006.09
b-pass 2008.01
b-pass 2008.02
b-pass 2008.03
b-pass 2009 all right
gq korea (tvxq suits pics)
junon 2003.09
* nylon korea 2009.12
oricon 2003.05.26 (? super lover)
oricon 2003.11.10
oricon 2004.03.29, 04.05, 04.12
oricon 2004.07.19
oricon 2007.06.11
pati pati 2004.07
pati pati 2004.11
pati pati 2005.04
pati pati 2005.09
pati pati 2007.02
pati pati 2009.11
s-mag 2007.07
s-mag 2007.08
s-mag 2007.10 (kyu)
vogue korea 2009.01
vogue korea 2009.12 (shinee)

missing pics:
pati pati 2003.03 (w-inds.)

calendar - tvxq 2007 korean *desk and wall versions
congoods - tvxq mirotic tour tshirt (purple)
Tags: list, shameless begging, wip
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