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the ANYBAND post of DOOM

i realize this is so three months ago, but i'm flailing anyways. for those of you that are going 'bwuh?', keep going. all shall be explained. ^^

what is ANYBAND?
anyband is the most recent of a handful of big budget, big production marketing campaigns from samsung/anycall. yes, i am spamming you all with what is essentially a commercial. before you close the window, trust me. anyband is made up of boa, xiah junsu from tvxq, tablo from epik high, and jazz pianist bora jin. see? shiny. the concept of anyband is 'music to save the world', set in a city tightly controlled by the goverment where there is no talk, no play, and no love. a group of four childhood friends band together and, using their samsung anycall phones, record and broadcast songs by hacking into the government's network, inspiring the people to rise up.

still, a commercial?
not just a commercial. ;P in september of 2007, a nine minute long video including the songs 'tpl (talk play love)' and 'promise you' was filmed in brazil, to be released after a seven day countdown on the website ending on november eighth. a special concert was held on november twenty-seventh, featuring a new song from anyband entitled 'daydream', as well as performances by bora jin, epik high, tvxq, a solo from junsu, a duet with junsu and boa, boa, and closing with anyband. at this concert, a dvd (only 400 copies) with the music video, commercials, photo gallery, and making of video was given out.

and the purpose of this already long post is...?
i've found lots and lots of information on anyband, but it's been spread out all over the place. and, well, because i obsess over things, i managed to snag one of the dvds off y!j and wanted to share the stuff on it. all dvd rips (audio and video) and dvd scans were done by myself. i'd prefer my things to not be shared (this post is unlocked and free to link to though), but at the very least, don't claim them as your own. i realize the dvd has been uploaded as rips in other places, but these files are in the correct aspect ratio, the audio/video is hq and in synch, and i've also included an iso (all parts will be up when my internet stops being wonky).

all rips at 320 except instrumentals.

tpl (talk play love) + instrumental
promise you + instrumental
daydream if you only dl one thing, snag this. junsu. guh.
anyband (full pv version)

while one of the best designed cd cases i've seen, this was also one of the most annoying things i have ever scanned. but the seller sent cute bootleg photos and stickers with it. my laptop is now balloons-ed. :3 zip file of all scans here.

uploads to other servers would be greatly appreciated.

[dvd] anyband music video (full version)  [ mu ]
[dvd] anyband music video (short version)  [ mf ]
[dvd] anyband cms  [ mf ]
[dvd] making of anyband  [ mu ]
[dvd] photo gallery - tpl (talk play love)  [ mu ]
[dvd] photo gallery - promise you  [ mf ]
[dvd] photo gallery - daydream  [ mf ]
[dvd] product information  [ mf ]

[iso] anyband dvd [ 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007 | 008 | 009 | 010 | 011 | 012 | 013 | 014 ]
all links have been reuploaded as of 2009.08.05

[live] anyband special live  [ mf/mu | torrent ]

many many thanks to kenaressa for uploading the last iso files. ♥
Tags: anyband, musicspam, scanspam, vidspam
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