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yay sale at kino! picked up 11 issues of oricon i somehow managed to miss when they first had them out for $2 each. will be scanning over the next few days. and since i've got my w-inds. stuff pretty much done but for the books, i'm starting on all my tvxq goodies. the holiday photobooks should be getting here soon, along with the c version of mirotic, so be expecting those. the camping photobook at least, cause it's smaller. :x

with the mass amounts of magazines that will be getting done, i probably won't post them all here because my f'list would murder me for spamming. keep an eye out over at shinythings&esoterica, which if you haven't heard me mention it before, is my home for scans that aren't w-inds, keita, or one ok rock. kenaressa's in the process of getting all her back issues of je magazines done, so there'll be a bunch of contributions from her up on the site as well.

on a somewhat related note, does anyone else use zenphoto? i'm wanting to do some things with the gallery and i'm not sure how. like having a 'recent addiions' search function. anyone?

and to get started...

tvxq - bolero (a-type)
download zip

Tags: scanspam, shameless begging, shinythings&esoterica, tvxq
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