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just posted these over at the_trax and thought i shouldn't let the links go to waste. ^^

for those of you who have no idea who the trax are, consider this an introduction. they're a korean group on the sm label who have had releases in japan and korea. tvxq fans should recognize them as that rock band in triangle, though their sound has mellowed out a bit. if you like linkin park or w-inds.' more rock-ish stuff, give them a shot. they stopped releasing things for a while because the lead singer needed vocal chord surgery, but there have been rumours of their return. here's to hoping!

since i've been going through and scanning a lot of stuff recently, i realized i never posted all of my trax scans and that i was missing the mp3s in 320. *gaspu* these are just the japanese releases for now. for some reason i never got around to picking up the korean version of scorpio; i'll make another post for the korean releases when i get it in. images included in the scan zip are all 1000px high, cleaned, and color corrected, like usual.

as always with media, if you like it, go buy it. yesasia has all of them, surprisingly. ^^

[2004.12.15] Scorpio
download zips: mp3s & scans
01. Scorpio
02. Tears (TRAX version)
03. Beat Traitor
04. Knife

[2005.04.20] Rhapsody
download zips: mp3s & scans
01. Rhapsody
02. Vampire

[2005.09.14] Blaze Away
download zips: mp3s & scans
01. Blaze Away
02. End Of The World
03. it's a MONSTER

[2006.08.23] RESOLUTION
download zips: mp3s & scans
02. Criminal Scream

[2007.01.24] Find The Way / Cold Rain -初雨-
download zips: mp3s & scans
01. Find The Way
02. Cold Rain -初雨-
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