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i finally decided on the necklace, thanks to those of you who commented. XD i ended up going with the X because even though the T probably makes more sense, i don't really like how it looks- like, the font. *nitpick* and honestly? i'll mostly wear it without the letter charm most of the time anyways.

and well, my best friend had a point. when presented with the options but no idea what they were for, he had this to say:
X. everyone knows it marks the spot.


anyways, i bring more cute! this took a little bit of forever to do, but i am so going to be making a new layout from one (or two or five) of the images. eventually. also, the lyrics/tracklist took forever, but at least now i've determined the best way to piece together the foldouts so that i can do the b version tonight without too many issues. :3

tvxq - "O"-正.反.合. (the another story of ballons/version d)
or view gallery here
45 pics- including case, cards, and foldout

i want to know what bet or dare changmin lost for him to agree to wear that. :x
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