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re: mirotic live pictures

i have to say, i cannot wait for this dvd. the massive amonts of pictures that have come out are awesome and so much cute. xiahtic looks (and sounds) hot and i am all a-fshfsjdfkutdhnrshdrj over yoochun playing piano on love bye love. i am a little scared to find out exactly why junsu was flying on a broom, yunho with an umbrella, yoochun with wings, and jae on a bike (other than changmin's solo being a kid's song) because wow. the lol factor there is just... yeah. XD

to keep from sitting on dbsg and hitting refresh, and to keep myself from going crazy trying to do the seventh ave. pamphlet (yes, i've spent the last two days working on it and am getting quite annoyed), for some ridiculous reason i decided to take a 'break' and scan a few bits of something even more of a pain in the ass to do. my logic is amazing. that being said, this picture should be self explanatory. :/

so, the final scans for this are a bit different. there's gratuitous use of artistic white space throughout the book, so i scanned the full image for each page and resized it by percentage as oppsed to the usual x number of pixels high. everything's done to the same ratio, so it matches. just. the individual sizes are different. which is making my ocd tendencies go all sorts of twitchy. i didn't do every page, just the ones i especially liked and/or were requested by a certain pair of enablers.

my bias. let me show you it.

tvxq - a week holiday: it's stylish (selections)

if anyone would like a page or two scanned, let me know in a comment. be specific, give me a link to what you want (lq pics were postd in dbsg and in boys paper), and no more than two pages per request. the book is already close to breaking apart from the handful i did. why oh why can't the korean produced goods be even half the quality of the japanese goods? T_T pages will get done in the next day or two most likely. ^^ book dead, requests closed.

download zip (with proper filenames) will be up after i fill all requests. here.

edit the first~
have a pair of sexy yoochun wallpapers. first @ 1280x1024, second @ 1440x900

edit the second~
for winged_kame: yunho says peekaboo!

edit the third~
for chychaai: omg another yunho pic!

edit the fourth~
request for lazychaoz: minbaby<3

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