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i swear the seattle kinokuniya is the slowest one in the entire chain. i totally ninja'd this copy while at the con. yay for phones.

but that reminds me, perriwynkkle, if you ever end up coming over, can i borrow that copy of aera to scan? i asked them when i picked this up today and they only get one copy in. :(

at any rate. i got tarzan. god the pictures in this are sexy. (zip at the end)

tarzan 2009.04.08

i really loved the individual pics, so i've done something i don't usually do for magazines, and have cropped and pieced the individual pictures. chun's doesn't look quite as nice as junsu's because i was much more motivated for junsu and the seam wasn't over his hair. go for it if you want to make any graphics or whatnot, but if i find anyone claiming these there will be stabbings.

ps. download zip.

'scuse me. i'll be over here in a puddle, kthx.
Tags: scanspam, tvxq
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