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the rest of my mail got here, woohoo!

the bromide set is super shiny. i was sad when yesasia sold out of the seoul ones, but they got another batch in for nanjing, which are the exact same photos, it just says 'mirotic in nanjing' instead of 'mirotic in seoul' on the cover. which i didn't scan because it's the exact image and text as the photobook cover slip (aside from the nanjing/seoul thing). that, and because these are printed on heavyweight matte paper that looks like crap when you scan dark parts of it, and the cover is quite dark. i did the best i could on cleaning them up... m(._.)m

the first part of the photobook will likely be up some time tomorrow, but i wanted to go ahead and post these now. :3

the outfits kill me. they totally took a plaid suit and gave yoochun the sleeves, junsu the rest of the coat, and yunho the pants. then took a white suit and gave jae the coat and yoochun the pants. and yoochun gets a drapery tie for a necklace. somehow this actually looks good. min is freaking gorgeous, especially. i love his jacket in the darker shots. *_*

tvxq: mirotic live bromides
gallery | download zip

pleasepleaseplease credit if using these for anything or if you repost them. it took about four hours to piece together and clean these up because of the paper and because they're literally twice the size of my scanner. ^^;

[edit] ok guys. this was still available on ya before i posted these and now it's sold out. did all of you just go out and buy the set? XDDD
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