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i got a late start on these because of my roommate's birthday and having people over for a good chunk of the weekend. also, star trek. and getting distracted by the mirotic bromides. oops. XD;

long intro is long.

since i've started posting more tvxq scans, i've had a few people ask what my reposting and crediting policy is. personally, i scan thing to share, so i'm never going to lock things down or get bitchy about people reposting any of my scans. nor will i get my panties in a twist about comments; they're nice and motivational, but i realize there's a ton of lurkers. all i ask is that you don't take my watermark off (as in to repost, it's ok to take it off if you're making graphics) and for the love of junsu's duckbutt don't claim my scans as your own or add your own credits. credit to me is appreciated but as long as the aforementioned things are cool, i'll be happy. i only post random things in my lj, even though they're usually here first, so when crediting, please credit konzatsu/shinythings&esoterica. that way, if people would like to find more they can since everything goes up on the gallery sooner or later. for those of you on lj, i post updates to the gallery at se_index.

this particular photobook comes as three parts:
the main book- hardback, landscape oriented, at a4 size with live photos from the concert
special bonus book- a 20-page booklet the same size and orientation as the main book with backstage, rehearsal, and promo pictures
slipcover- a paper cover that slides down over the two books

those of you who are used to my w-inds. scans will notice these aren't quite up to my usual standards, but that's because i actually scanned my only copy of the book as opposed to purchasing a second copy to de-spine and scan. because of the size, i was able to get all but the very center half-inch or so and there aren't many pictures that spread across two pages.

there are quite a few very nice shots in this book, particularly among the wrong number shots. that being said, there are also a lot of unfortunate expressions. there are also several pages, mostly the extreme close-up monochrome shots, that are pixelated like mad. not my fault, i swear. this book is sadly a fairly good example of resolutions and zoom depths not to use in printing. :/ the cyan bits on the covers are actually silver iridescent sparkles.

i had planned to link to where this could be purchased, but it's sold out on yesasia. currently, the only place i know of to purchase it is dvd heaven, who i'd recommend only if you're not buying anything with a poster. :/ if you'd like to see what the books themselves look like, they've got several pictures (i'm too lazy to take my own).

[edit: it's now sold out at both places. :(]

all of the pages have been resized to matching height. once you unzip the files, you may notice there appear to be pages missing. they aren't actually missing. i scanned nearly every page that had an image on it; i say 'nearly' because i didn't do the ones that were only an inch or two of background from a two-page spread photo. there's also gratuitous use of blank space. i wanted to keep the numbers correct for my own purposes. odd pages are on the right and even pages are on the left. i'll be doing the whole book in sections and posting them as they get done. the special mini-book has its own page in the gallery. the main book will be posted in the gallery once it's completed.

if you would like to translate any of the pages (ie. the notes at the end), or would like an individual shot cropped out at full size, or want to use any of the images for graphics and need larger versions, please comment or pm me and i can send it to you. ^^

*stops to breathe* ok, sorry for being so long winded. ^^; on to the scans!

notes / SPECIAL BONUS BOOK 'Searching for the hidden times' + covers + Part 1: HEY! / 악녀 / Rising Sun / 낙원 / 무지개 / HUG
Part 2: 사랑 안녕 사랑 / 그것만이 내세상 / Upon this rock / XIAH vs U-KNOW
Part 3: Wrong Number / Purple Line
Part 4: 붕선 / 박달 / Love in the Ice / Don't say Goodbye
Part 5: 주문 / The way U are / Somebody to love / Crazy Love
Part 6: 하하하송 / SKY / Song for you / TONIGHT + credits

SPECIAL BONUS BOOK 'Searching for the hidden times'
20 images | gallery view | download zip

covers + intro + Part 1: HEY! / 악녀 / Rising Sun / 낙원 / 무지개 / HUG
43 images | gallery view | download zip

Tags: scanspam, tvxq
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