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i love it when my friends go to japan and bring back lots of shiny. many ♥s to twinnie and elise_maxwell for supplying me with more crack to scan. the handful of w-inds. ones will be up on s*l once i finish the pamphlet which will require me to stop laughing at ryuichi long enough to clean up the scans.

also, i'll be doing the rest of the tvxq shop photos i picked up the last time i went myself and never bothered to scan tomorrow. now, to figure out how to categorize them all on s&e. *ponders*

oh, and there's jk in here. ♥x2543252315 to elise for going back to the shops on her last day to pick it up for me. :3

<-- the lone official pic. XD

and in case you were wondering, the jae bias is totally elise's. not that i mind. much.

*uses yunho icon to balance things out a tiny bit*
Tags: scanspam, tvxq, w-inds.
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