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keita why are you trying to look like rain?

dhgfdj so late. i've had this dvd since monday and haven't posted the scans. oops.

the dvd was better than i expected, even though there was a crazy keita bias in the actual live. ryohei seemed to get more screen time than ryuichi but the document totally makes up for that like whoa. pretty much the whole document is ryuichi in various stages of undress and/or dampness.

i am totally okay with that. :D

w-inds. live tour 2009 sweet fantasy in hong kong
download scans | 22 images
preview pic is a 1920x1200 wp

these won't be up on super☆lover until i finish the site revamp which is taking longer than i expected it to because i keep changing my mind. mp3 audio rips will also be up soon, and possibly videos.
Tags: scanspam, w-inds., wallspam
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