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we are living in the sm town! (part 1 - cams/pics)

i'll be making all my smtown trips posts separately, but i decided to post the good stuff first. :D everything's up in gallery format here, but they're all here as well.

note: i am not a photographer. i have a tiny point and shoot digicam that's like two or three years old with a practically nonexistent zoom. i was jumping around like a fucking maniac for most of the con a lot. luckily our seats were close enough that quite a few shots came out halfway decent. unfortunately my battery died three hours in and i only managed to get a handful of shots after that. :(

repost as you will, but please don't take off my watermark unless you're for some strange reason using them for graphics. enjoy! (oh, and there'll be a zip at the end when i can get mf to cooperate.)


my bias is strong here. also, i figured there'd be a ton of people getting cams of the other artists so i snagged these. i'm quite pleased at how the sound turned out, though there's a few wobbles in there before i ended up giving my camera to chychaai so i could continue bouncing. ^^


download 001 002

pics! download

images are shown at about 2/3 size, click or view image for full size. and don't hotlink, please. ^^;

j-min - shine / 울어도 되나요

f(x) - la cha ta

jessica and krystal - tik tok

needs moar key.

f(x) - chu~♡ feat. minho

zhang liyin - 성원 (i will) / 晴天,雨天 (moving on)

kangta - 어느날 가슴이 말했다 (eternity)/복극성 (polaris)/상록수 (pine tree) / 7989

shinee - stand by me / 누난 너무 예뻐 (replay) / get down / juliette

onew! :D

twig. the boy is a twig.

trax - 가슴이 차가운 남자 (cold hearted man) / 오! 나의 여신님 (oh! my goddess)

lee yeonhee & taemin - slow motion


zhou mi & luna - 另一个天堂

no words, just lots and lots of dying *_*

heechul, henry & jay - sonata of temptation

bwahah >:D

heechul, you are kindof a whore and i ♥ you for it

mmm, looks good on his knees, y/y?

kyuhyun & seohyun - 마음을 다해 부르면

yesung & jonghyun - sea of love

hyukjae, shindong, key, & minho - a-yo

girls' generation - run devil run / kissing you

i think i got this right when she saw the lightboard with her name on it (at least, that's the direction she's looking here)

fdjfgdjgf so cute why

super junior - super girl / 너 같은사람또 없어 (no other) / 미인아 (bonamana) (remix)

girls' generation - 힘내! (way to go!)

super junior - dancing out (remix)

like you expected any less.

derpy dance! XD

boa - my name / i did it for love feat. key

hbic like whoa ♥

she is so tiny but wow /impressed

super junior - sorry, sorry (remix)

girls' generation - 소원을 말해봐 (genie) (syncopation ver.)

shinee - ring ding dong

f(x) - 누예삐오 (nu abo)

luna has a fantastic voice, wow

super junior - 갈증 (a man in love)


trax - paradox feat. heechul

shinee - up & down

girls' generation - oh!

shinee - 화살 (quasimodo)

onew & ryeowook - 내가 사랑했던 이름 (the name i loved)

at first i was like 'yay onew :D'


ryeowook is SO CUTE OMG

dance battle

yes, bendy underage dancers ftw :Dvv

super junior - don't don (concert rock ver.) feat. trax & changmin

this would be me internally screaming: MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY TEUK :/



no zoom, just holding the camera over my head. sadly i didn't have my camera out when heechul came by, and i was too busy dying inside when mimi, ryeowook, kyu, and hae walked by. :x

Tags: kpop, shinee, smtown 2010, super junior, trax, tvxq
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