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the TRAX pimp post (or, heechul thinks they're awesome and you should too)

okay. so i'm really hoping that with all the awesomeness that went down at smtown, at least a few of you are going 'so i'd like to hear more of those two guys that kept going on stage with suju' or something of that nature.


(i'm pretty sure i've got everything of theirs here, but if i'm missing something, lmk? most of this was done off the top of my head and their media is hard to find. -_-")

originally named The TRAX, their name is an acronymn for the names of the four members, Typhoon, Rose, Attack, and X-Mas (Typhoon of the Rose Attack on X-Mas if you want to get technical). four, you say? yes. the band started out with four members. this seems to be a running theme with sm. their first public appearance was for boa's single rock with you in late 2003, but their official debut was in july of 2004 with a rock style and a look bordering on visual kei, a big change from the other sm groups, and not something typically popular in south korea. so clearly, the smart thing to do was to do a collaboration with TVXQ and then go to japan, where their first two releases did reasonably well considering no one knew who they were, in large part thanks to having yoshiki on board as a producer. in 2006, drummer minwoo left and the group continued as a trio, releasing three more japanese singles and a full korean album before it was announced in early 2007 that singer jay required surgery to remove nodules that had grown on his vocal chords. cue a very worried, if small, fanbase.

fast-forward to 2010 and TRAX is back! granted, in the interim, both jay and jungmo both had random activities, but as a group there was no word on whether or not TRAX would continue. the good news is they are, even if it's just as two. TRAX hwaiting!
Stage Name: Typhoon
Real Name: 김영덕 / Kim Youngduk (Jay)
Birthday: 1984.04.08
Position: Vocals
Pics: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

the first thing you should know about jay is that he can sing. jfc can he sing. the second thing you should know about him is that he's pretty much always attached to heechul. the two of them were friends before either group debuted, and most of the anecdotal stories about jay and the rest of TRAX come from heechul. jay grew up in the states (california), so he does speak real english. he also acts occasionally in both film and musical roles, and will be sharing the lead for the upcoming musical Rock of Ages.

Stage Name: X-Mas
Real Name: 김정모 / Kim Jungmo
Birthday: 1984.03.26
Position: Guitar
Pics: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

the first thing you should know about jungmo is that the boy can fucking play a guitar. and it's not just their songs either. :D watch him play oh!, or mirotic, or i don't care, or strong baby (and then they make him sing ring ding dong), or pachelbel's canon. he's not a half bad singer, either. he tends to be fairly quiet unless he's playing guitar, but his expressions are classic.

Stage Name: Attack
Real Name: 강정우 / Kang Jungwoo
Birthday: 1985.06.15
Position: Bass (inactive)
Pics: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

the last thing jungwoo was in was the group's last japanese single, and no one's said anything about him since other than vague references. he's rumoured to be doing his military service right now, but there hasn't been any official word other than that he has left (whether just the group or sm completely we still don't know). even in older clips he's pretty quiet, so there's not a lot to tell you about his personality. :( here's a short interview that might help?

Stage Name: Rose
Real Name: 노민우 / No Minwoo
Birthday: 1986.05.29
Position: Drums (former member)
Pics: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

before he left, minwoo (usually called by his stage name, rose), was by far the fan favourite. the primadonna of the group, his rapping/screaming was completely at odds with his look, which made him an interesting person to watch. there wasn't any official reason given for why he left, but the most commonly seen reason was homesickness (from their time in japan), a desire to have more of a say in their music (he wrote some of their early things), and simply wanting to do his own thing. here's his short stats/interview thing. if you'd like to learn more about rose, including his acting career (he's one of the leads in the current drama my girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox), check out rose_court.
for some strange reason, there's not a whole lot of TRAX videos floating around out there. most of the clips of them are with super junior other people or old and low quality.

let's start with their newest mv, the one for Oh! My Goddess, featuring seohyun from snsd. it's much more poppy than the rest of their stuff, but thankfully is missing the gratuitous amounts of autotune so prevalent in all the new kpop releases. it is catchy as fuck and i love it. :D (there's a good fancam of this at the la smtown live here.) (download)

another recent video, this is their comeback single, Cold-hearted Man, featuring suju's heechul and f(x)'s victoria crying all over the place. it's a gorgeous ballad that shows off jay's voice quite nicely, and the mv is just the icing on the cake. (i'm still trying to figure out if it's the same giant power tower sjm's me was filmed under.)

next up, we have one of their korean Cold Rain lives post-rose with a certain member of suju stepping in to play drums for them. (download)

PARADOX is one of the other songs they did at smtown, and you can really see how much their image has changed. you also get to see minwoo being awesome and pretty.

my next selection is completely biased, since it's one of my favourite songs of theirs. honestly, the video itself isn't anything particularly special (please ignore jungwoo looking like lenny kravitz), but the song totally is. let the world break me down, as if i care, got nothing to lose, like shattered glass, fly into pieces, i'm already torn, but there's a way to shine, if there's a will...

the full video for Cold Rain is this epic drama thing with lina from the grace that actually includes three songs off of their album. for the love of shisus will somebody please subtitle this? ;~;

now for some japanese! this was the first of their releases without the out-there styling and the song is quite good. and ngl, there's hella eye candy in this. *_*

this isn't really a mv so much as it is a photo montage set to music, but idrc because the piano version of Over The Rainbow... is quite possibly the most gorgeous thing ever.

i love radio shows because people end up singing the most random songs on them. like Desperado.

not subbed, unfortunately, but here's jay/jungmo cuts from an old episode of star golden bell (along with kangin and han geng) that is perfectly hilarious even if you don't know what they hell they're saying. you also get to hear jay speaking english.

in searching for good videos to post, i've come to realize how difficult it is to find things with just TRAX themselves. heechul keeps showing up everywhere. ^^; this is a good one in that it's subtitled and heechul talks about his epic crush on jay how happy he is for their comeback.

Band of Brothers is the tv show that jay and jungmo were on with heechul and kangin, and it's a great thing to watch if you like any of the four. there's tons of great music (bon jovi's it's my life, for example), endless hilarity (heechul singing mirotic at karaoke and jay can't stop loling), sheer insanity (doing an amazing redition of superman (dl subbed)). some of it's been subbed here, though if anyone knows where i can find all of it i'd love your forever. this person has a bunch of the raws (along with a ton of other clips) uploaded, or if you really want hq versions of the raws (to sub *hinthint*) lmk and i can upload them.

yes, this is their complete discography. :D nearly everything is ripped from my own collection and is therefore at 320, but some files (like the soundtrack things) i downloaded forever ago and don't remember where. if you've got better quality versions of these, please lmk? :3

PARADOX (korean)
mp3 dl | scans dl | scans gallery
02. On the Road
03. Are You Ready?

Scorpio (japanese)
mp3 dl | scans dl | scans gallery
01. Scorpio
02. Tears (TRAX version)
03. Beat Traitor
04. Knife

Scorpio (korean)
mp3 dl | scans dl | scans gallery
01. Scorpio
02. Tears (TRAX version)
03. Beat Traitor
04. Knife
05. Over The Rainbow... (Piano version)
06. Over The Rainbow... (Rock version)

Rhapsody (japanese)
mp3 dl | scans dl | scans gallery
01. Rhapsody
02. Vampire

Blaze Away (japanese)
mp3 dl | scans dl | scans gallery
01. Blaze Away
02. End Of The World
03. it's a MONSTER

初雨 (korean)
mp3 dl | scans dl | scans gallery
01. 영혼을 감싸안아 (Embrace One's Soul)
02. 축제 (Carnival)
03. 초우 (初雨) (Cold Rain)
04. Liez
05. Paradise
07. Total Eclipse
08. This Love
09. Sad wedding song
10. Paradox
11. Scorpio

RESOLUTION (japanese)
mp3 dl | scans dl | scans gallery
02. Criminal Scream

Find The Way / Cold Rain -初雨- (japanese)
mp3 dl | scans dl | scans gallery
01. Find The Way
02. Cold Rain -初雨-

가슴이 차가운 남자 (korean)
mp3 dl | scans dl | scans gallery
01. 가슴이 차가운 남자 (Let You Go)
02. One Night
03. 송인 (Goodbye, Love)
04. 아직은... 나 (I Can Change)
05. 치유 (Healing) feat. Key from SHINee
06. 끝나지 않은 이야기 (Don't Leave Me)

오! 나의 여신님 (korean)
mp3 dl | scans dl | scans gallery
01. 오! 나의 여신님 (Oh! My Goddess)
02. Let's Play
03. 자기야
04. Rush
05. 없는 사람 (Everlasting Story)
06. 태양의 노래 (Running My Way)

TRAX+Air (korean)
digital single release for the Swallow the Sun OST
mp3 dl | scans dl | scans gallery
01. 운명 (Fate)
02. 목소리 (Voice)
03. 그 자리에 (That Place)

mp3 dl
SMTOWN '06 Summer - 태양은 가득히 (Red Sun) (with SMTOWN)
SMTOWN '06 Summer - 너없이 (Without You)
SMTOWN '06 Winter - Snow Dream (with SMTOWN)
SMTOWN '06 Winter - Alone
Hyena OST - Go! Go!
Hyena OST - My Tears
Billie Jean Look At Me OST - Angels (Ballad Version)
Tri-Angle - Tri-Angle (TVXQ feat. BoA and TRAX)
Rising Sun - Free Your Mind (TVXQ feat. TRAX)

Did you know...?

Are You Ready? was remade by super junior's yesung for the movie Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (download)
Tears is orginally an X Japan song, written by yoshiki
Over The Rainbow... and End Of The World are the same song, just in different languages
Sad wedding song will sound familiar to w-inds. fans because it came from the same company who sold their producers 永遠の途中 (eien no tochuu)
Don't Don! was initially slated to be a TRAX song (here's a painfully loud live version, idek if a studio version exists)
SM Town! 
being an sm group, there are lots of opportunities for interaction between TRAX and other sm artists. this is, obviously, a source for endless entertainment.

first off! (just for the lulz) a blast to the past with special guests TVXQ and BoA. :D

super junior KRY's biggest promotions were going on at the same time time TRAX was promoting , so there's a random handful of things with the six of them together. have an adorable interview (with random kibum and, you guessed it, heechul).

and now for the person you will by far see TRAX with the most often: heechul. because they are practically permanently attached, and because there are 3546325315236 different videos and radio shows and pictures, i'm just going to link to a few.

heechul talks about jay all the time, including the fact that jay is the only one he'll ever let in his bed. or touch his hair. heechul's cat's full name is 'hanjayheebum'. he rocks out with jungmo on star king (download). he played piano for them on their comeback this year. he plays and sings their songs on tv shows. he was in the mv. the list keeps going. seriously. just go to youtube and search 'heechul jay' or 'heechul jungmo' or 'heechul trax' and see what all you find. it's kind of mind boggling. there may or may not be a jay/heechul manifesto in the works. :x i'll just leave these gifs here:

recently there's been a lot of TRAX together with SHINee, which is a little odd to me considering the age gap, but i can roll with it. XD key was a special guest on one of the tracks on their comeback mini album, and jay is currently part of a musical with onew. and they performed with them recently on music bank, doing a rock version of Lucifer.

not a whole lot of their things have been translated, but check out the cyworld, interview and other translations tags at the_trax for what all has been done. i'm still in the process of tagging all of the old entries (i'm about 3/4 done), but there's a decent amount of stuff already easily accessible (join the comm to view all the locked stuff).
for links to the members' blogs and all of the official and fan sites, there's a giant list here. most everything TRAX on livejournal can be found at the_trax (even if it's been a bit quiet lately). the TRAX tag at omonatheydidnt has also been seeing quite a bit of action.

these boys are awesome and deserve a ton of love, so hopefully we'll all be seeing a lot more of them in the future!

and please, PLEASE, if you found this post in any way useful, amusing, or interesting, pimp it out! feel free to share the link out or retweet at will. ♥
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