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news from back home...

my dad is ingenious. a third of the state's been without power until the last couple days (and chunks of the state are still out). the lighter in his truck is broke and he doesn't have a land line so he rigged up the truck battery directly to his cell phone charger. luckily most of the cell towers are working.

on the other hand, my grandmother, who lives near decatur general hospital, which did manage have power left, decided to do laundry and go about her business as usual, which is what most of her neighborhood did, thereby overloading the circuit so the city cut power to everything except the hospital itself. >>

thankfully, none of my family was injured or had their homes damaged much (though my cousin did find newspapers from souther mississippi in their front yard O.o). my heart goes out to everyone who was directly or indirectly affected. nature's a bitch sometimes. :(

i highly encourage everyone to check out the wonderful things up at helpthesouth. they've even got a 'southern flair' category! ♥

as i'm already short on time thanks to work and going back to school (and working on my help_japan fic), i'm offering something less time-intensive this time, but for those of you looking for recipies for some amazingly yummy food, take a look at my offer here.
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