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why did he yell 'fuck you!' at jersey and not ours? T_T

so. jyj. where do i even begin (pun not intended)? there really are no words for these boys, they are just that damn amazing.

elise_maxwell (see her report here) and i went to the vancouver show friday and thanks to lots of spastic clicking managed to get the presale code (lol, it was 'empty') and got some of the best seats ever: fourth row and less than ten feet from the walkout. while it's a little sad to think that had this show been somewhere in asia, it would have sold out in minutes, it's nice to be able to get decent seats to see jyj without having to fly to korea or japan (again). you could tell the boys noticed the amount of empty seats, but after a couple of minutes they seemed to not give them as much mind and really got into getting those fans that were there up. and boy did we get up. i hadn't heard the newest songs so hearing them life for the first time was a real treat. i could go on about how gorgeous jaejoong is or how fantastic junsu's ass is or how adorable yoochun's grin is, but if you're here then you already know all those things. :D

so, um, onto the pictures?

the first few were taken with my cell and the rest were taken with a regular digicam, neither of which is particularly fond of zooming. thankfully we were close enough that a fair amount of shots came out decent. please credit if reposting as is on the watermark. all images are included below or you can see the gallery view here, or you can just download a zip. right click > view image to see in full size; most are reasonably high resolution.

also! i would like to say 'lol' and 'hi!' to whoever took this pic. neither of us expected to see ourselves in random fan pics. XD

and if you have a problem with elise's tohoshinki towel or my balloons shirt and think we're not 'supporting' jyj 'correctly' because we love them all no matter how many of them there are, then you can just deal with it and complain elsewhere. :/

Tags: camwhoring, concerts, jyj, picspam
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