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update: w-inds. day, 14 march, 2015

so you may have noticed a username change! be assured, it's still me. :D

if you came here from a link looking for scans and are confused, or if you've come across scans you know are mine watermarked with 'tabris@super-lover.net' or 'tabris@oneokrock.net' those are also still mine.

this blog will likely no longer be updated. who knows? i spend most of my time over at tumblr lately. ♥
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yoochun ][ keep going down

why did he yell 'fuck you!' at jersey and not ours? T_T

so. jyj. where do i even begin (pun not intended)? there really are no words for these boys, they are just that damn amazing.

elise_maxwell (see her report here) and i went to the vancouver show friday and thanks to lots of spastic clicking managed to get the presale code (lol, it was 'empty') and got some of the best seats ever: fourth row and less than ten feet from the walkout. while it's a little sad to think that had this show been somewhere in asia, it would have sold out in minutes, it's nice to be able to get decent seats to see jyj without having to fly to korea or japan (again). you could tell the boys noticed the amount of empty seats, but after a couple of minutes they seemed to not give them as much mind and really got into getting those fans that were there up. and boy did we get up. i hadn't heard the newest songs so hearing them life for the first time was a real treat. i could go on about how gorgeous jaejoong is or how fantastic junsu's ass is or how adorable yoochun's grin is, but if you're here then you already know all those things. :D

so, um, onto the pictures?

the first few were taken with my cell and the rest were taken with a regular digicam, neither of which is particularly fond of zooming. thankfully we were close enough that a fair amount of shots came out decent. please credit if reposting as is on the watermark. all images are included below or you can see the gallery view here, or you can just download a zip. right click > view image to see in full size; most are reasonably high resolution.

also! i would like to say 'lol' and 'hi!' to whoever took this pic. neither of us expected to see ourselves in random fan pics. XD

and if you have a problem with elise's tohoshinki towel or my balloons shirt and think we're not 'supporting' jyj 'correctly' because we love them all no matter how many of them there are, then you can just deal with it and complain elsewhere. :/

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ryota/taka ][ got something on your face

news from back home...

my dad is ingenious. a third of the state's been without power until the last couple days (and chunks of the state are still out). the lighter in his truck is broke and he doesn't have a land line so he rigged up the truck battery directly to his cell phone charger. luckily most of the cell towers are working.

on the other hand, my grandmother, who lives near decatur general hospital, which did manage have power left, decided to do laundry and go about her business as usual, which is what most of her neighborhood did, thereby overloading the circuit so the city cut power to everything except the hospital itself. >>

thankfully, none of my family was injured or had their homes damaged much (though my cousin did find newspapers from souther mississippi in their front yard O.o). my heart goes out to everyone who was directly or indirectly affected. nature's a bitch sometimes. :(

i highly encourage everyone to check out the wonderful things up at helpthesouth. they've even got a 'southern flair' category! ♥

as i'm already short on time thanks to work and going back to school (and working on my help_japan fic), i'm offering something less time-intensive this time, but for those of you looking for recipies for some amazingly yummy food, take a look at my offer here.
aiba ][ right back to you

when the world goes awry

i'm still sort of speechless after seeing all of the destruction in japan, especially all of the photos of sendai. it's surreal seeing places i've wandered around just, not there anymore. i think i've heard from everyone i know that's there but it's hard keeping track of where all you guys are at sometimes. my thoughts are with everyone in japan and with family or friends there. ♥

on that note, i've decided to offer up a fic for help_japan. it's been a while since i've written anything but i figured this would be as good a time as any to start. my bid post is here, and i'll be matching the winning bid with a donation of my own.
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ryota/taka ][ oi! you there!

one ok rock | this is my budokan?! & アンサイズニア (rips)

woohoo! i picked up my copies of the new single and dvd thursday and got them ripped and (finally) uploaded. the resolution isn't huge, but it's high enough quality to view full screen at 1440x900 with no issues. i also made individual files for my two favourite clips, liar and 恋ノアイボウ心ノクピド.

as always, one ok rock's stuff isn't nearly as expensive as some, and it's an amazing dvd (and a pretty damn good single). plus it's region free, to boot. if you like it, go buy it! :Db

01. Never Let This Go
02. 夜にしか咲かない満月
03. 皆無
04. Shake it down
05. 未完成交響曲
06. カゲロウ
07. カラス
08. Living Dolls
09. アダルトスーツ
10. 完全感覚Dreamer
11. Wherever you are
12. Yes I am
13. じぶんROCK
14. Liar
15. アンサイズニア
16. 恋ノアイボウ心ノクピド
17. Viva Violent Fellow
18. 独り言ロンリーナ
19. 内秘心書
20. Nobody's Home (アンコール)
EXTRA: TOUR FINAL @ 沖縄 桜坂セントラル
01. Never Let This Go
02. 夜にしか咲かない満月

concert | 2.19gb | 1h 36m | 700x400
mediafire 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007 | 008 | 009 | 010 | 011

extra | 224mb | 9m 52s | 700x400
mediafire 001 | 002

01. アンサイズニア
02. Silent World
03. アンサイズクリア
04. To Feel The Fire

full single | 25mb | 320kbps | mediafire

scans and audio rips of the live will be up later, too. :D
heechul/jay ][ bros before- wait.

the TRAX pimp post (or, heechul thinks they're awesome and you should too)

okay. so i'm really hoping that with all the awesomeness that went down at smtown, at least a few of you are going 'so i'd like to hear more of those two guys that kept going on stage with suju' or something of that nature.


(i'm pretty sure i've got everything of theirs here, but if i'm missing something, lmk? most of this was done off the top of my head and their media is hard to find. -_-")

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and please, PLEASE, if you found this post in any way useful, amusing, or interesting, pimp it out! feel free to share the link out or retweet at will. ♥
heechul/jay ][ bros before- wait.

we are living in the sm town! (part 1 - cams/pics)

i'll be making all my smtown trips posts separately, but i decided to post the good stuff first. :D everything's up in gallery format here, but they're all here as well.

note: i am not a photographer. i have a tiny point and shoot digicam that's like two or three years old with a practically nonexistent zoom. i was jumping around like a fucking maniac for most of the con a lot. luckily our seats were close enough that quite a few shots came out halfway decent. unfortunately my battery died three hours in and i only managed to get a handful of shots after that. :(

repost as you will, but please don't take off my watermark unless you're for some strange reason using them for graphics. enjoy! (oh, and there'll be a zip at the end when i can get mf to cooperate.)

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kyuhyun/mi ][ Q_________________Q

video | shinee performances

in my search for live shinee performances, i've quickly come to realize that all the good shit is either on torrent or clubbox, which isn't really an option for a lot of people. so, prompted by a certain someone who i'd better be getting bff!heemi out of for this, i decided to just upload everything and archive it here.

nearly all shinee only files are hd and hq (1080 for the most part) and come from jpopsuki or searching clubbox (meaning i don't know specifically what box). some of the miscellaneous things are. other stuff came from various shinee and kpop comms here on lj. no credit to me is necessary, but please don't steal the links. this entry will remain open so feel free to point people this way. comments are always appreciated. :)

side note: where are the good shinee/suju clubboxes? a lot of stuff is members locked but i don't know where to even start looking. ;~;

* added 2010.10.24
** added 2010.12.03
*** added 2011.02.06

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also, if you happen to have better quality versions of the performances i don't have hd clips of or things i'm missing (i'll mention when i've got everything i do have up), i'd love you forever if you would send it to me. :D

things i am especially looking for in hd:
2009.12.30 - kbs gayo daejun - michael jackson tribute (or just 'beat it' with jonghyun/jungmo)
2008.09.04 - m! countdown - miracle (shinee/suju)
2008.11.15 - mnet km music festival - special stage: something hot (or just shinee doing 'rising sun')
2009.12.29 - sbs gayo daejun - special stage: boys become girls (all the different angles)
2010.01.15 - music bank - jojo + ring ding dong
2010.07.31 - music core - lucifer
tvxq ][ all for one & one for all

東方神起 | BEST SELECTION 2010

version a • 16 images
view gallery | download zip

version b • 16 images
view gallery | download zip

version c • 21 images
view gallery | download zip

first press cards located here
group, junsu, jaejoong, changmin

credit to konzatsu/shinythings&esoterica
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