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for the revolution of the world

like a fortune cookie (short and vague)
19 November
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tabris. legal. female. in seattle, washington. technophile. slytherin. flautist. mac lover. vertically challenged. lacking an attention span. constantly singing. cat person. capital letter hater. scan whore. obsessed with lists. attached to ipod. pickiest eater ever. spelling & grammar nazi. wannabe graphic artist. natural blonde. professional procrastinator. avid concert-goer. compulsive organizer. geek. fast driver. equal opportunity shipper.
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feel free to add me if you're just here for the scans or random uploads, but i only usually friend back people that i talk to on a regular basis. i like talking to new people, so poke me in a comment or on msn if you want.
don't claim my scans as your own. don't take off my (small) watermark unless you're using them for graphics. don't add credits. scans in (rare) friends locked posts are not to be reposted. credit is very much appreciated, to my lj, or to whichever of my sites they came from.

no more tears 最後、流す涙は
悔しい時じゃない …嬉しい時
*kon-kon!*, *nfu*, ;[], a perfect circle, aiba masaki, akutagawa jirou, amvs, anime, ann rice, arashi, are you being served?, atobe keigo, beastboy, blow-chan, boy meets boy, buffy/angel, cardcaptor sakura, caroline's spine, cats, cheese, chester bennington, chiba ryohei, clamp, clive barker, coheed and cambria, collecting, computers, cowboy bebop, david bowie, dexter, dnangel, doujinshi, dr. pepper, draco malfoy, dragonlance, engrish, evangelion, fight club, final fantasy, flute, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, g5, garlic, gesundheit, girl scout cookies, girly pink cock ...tails, gokusen, graphics, gravitation, guano apes, harry potter, house, ice skating, japanese, jensen ackles, john williams, kaworu nagisa, keira knightley, kingdom hearts, koda kumi, koike teppei, koko wa greenwood, labyrinth, linkin park, macs, manga, mizuki hajime, music, narrow mellow, nobuta wo produce, obi-wan kenobi, ogata ryuichi, one ok rock, our lady peace, pasta, photoshop, piano, piers anthony, pimp!ryuichi, potc, pretty boys, pretty girls, prince of tennis, puscifer, reading, red hot chili jalapeños, roy mustang, rurouni kenshin, ryohei's fountain of youth, ryuichi's pants, shiny pants, shoebox project, slash, smallville, soundtracks, stand up!!, star wars, stargate, supernatural, system of a down, tachibana keita, teen titans, terry pratchett, tool, torchwood, tori amos, trax, trigun, tvxq, user friendly, utena, vash the stampede, w-inds., web design, william the bloody awful, yaoi, yoko kanno, yoochun's pimp cane, yuri